On July 2017, I proposed a challenge for myself. I was really tired of carrying up to 5 kg (11 lbs) of camera equipment when I was going to take photos. 

Then I thought: What about leave my DSLR at home and carry only the iPhone?
After seeing a lot of great pics taken with the device, I took a deep breath and said to me: Let's
do this!

There are few things which a DSLR can only do, however, this isn't something I normally need.
So there is no reason to carry heavy camera equipment daily. When there is a need to carry
my DSLR, I'll carry. It's simple.

I believe that the picture/scene "is already there". It's just waiting for someone to see it and
touch the screen or press the shutter button.

What if I can take this challenge to a next level?
So ... All my pictures on iPhone gallery were taken with iOS native Camera app without any
kind of edition or filter. HDR, Live Photos and Grid were turned on.

My Goal

People usually say that a great picture is always captured with a high-end DSLR followed by
a state-of-the-art lens plus a lot of photo-editing.

Just one thing ... THEY'RE WRONG!

There is a well-known maxim in Photography's field which states that the best camera which
exists is the camera you've with you at the moment of the photo. 

This is true since photo-editing programs can help you to do "magical and unreal editions".
But not everyone knows or prefer to don't know how to use a program capable of doing this
"trick". People want simplicity, they're surrounded by complexity everywhere.
What normal people want is to open the Camera app, touch the screen and the magic

What I really want show here is that even with a daily device you can take breathtaking
pictures. You don't need photo-editing programs or apps.

You don't need to worry about your film, you're not on 90's anymore. Touch the screen or
press the shutter button without fear!

“Beautiful things don't ask for attention.” - James Thurber, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
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